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Parent Involvement

At  Bucklin Schools, a Title 1 school, parents and community members are welcome and invited to participate in the various activities and involvement options we have at our school.  We believe that active parent/community involvement is essential to ensure student academic success.  The following is a list of opportunities/activities for our school:
· During each school year, we will have at least two Family nights.  These nights will focus on various learning areas: reading, writing, math, social studies and/or science.  Students attend with their parent(s) and both are invited to participate in the activities. Parents will receive helpful learning tips and activities to assist their children to succeed in school.
· A newsletter is provided every month by the Principal and Title 1 Coordinator to keep parents informed of various school and district initiatives that are occurring in their children’s education.  This focus will allow parents to feel knowledgeable about what they see their child doing.  Community members can access our newsletter through our Bucklin Schools Web Site.
· Our School Improvement Team (SIT)/Site Council meets once a month. The purpose of the Site Council is to serve as the foundation for actively involving the school community and parents in designing learning goals as well as innovative projects which enhance the educational experiences of our students.  This team creates reviews and evaluates the school improvement plan.
· An introduction and invitation for parent involvement is offered by staff and during the spring Kindergarten Round-Up, the first day of school, open house, as well as throughout the school year to encourage parents and community members to be actively involved.
· Bucklin Schools staff is available to communicate with parents through various methods: school and class newsletters, notes home, phone calls to parents, email, and if necessary, interpreters will be made available.  Parents are invited to provide input and assist in making decisions regarding their child’s education.
· During our Annual Title 1 Meeting (October) the Title 1 Coordinator will explain the Title 1 Program, its requirements, and the parents right to know documents. A copy of the District Parent Involvement Policy will also be available at this time.  
· Teachers at Bucklin Schools will be conducting Conferences in October and March.  The purpose of parent-teacher conferences is to provide a meaningful conversation with students and parents regarding students’ academic strengths and to set achievement goals and plans for the current school year.
· SBRS—Standards Based Reporting System.  Teachers provide a report card to every student at semester break (January) and at the end of the year (May) and will indicate student progress towards meeting the Kansas State Standards.
· Parents of incoming kindergarteners are invited to attend a spring “round-up” as well as a kindergartener “welcome to school” open house the day before the start of the regular school year.  Family school visits are encouraged during the start of the school year to help transition kindergarteners to full-day school.
· Parents may receive other assessment reports throughout the year that informed them on their child’s progress towards their established goals. Each individual classroom has its own method of utilizing parent support depending on the needs of that particular classroom.  Parent/Community volunteers are welcome at Bucklin Schools.